Events & Duties

Explorers have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities, conferences, training events and more. These events are opportunities for Explorers to hone their skills, focus on physical fitness and give back to their communities.


Community events allow Explorers to provide community service, typically by providing traffic control and direction. Events include fairs, festivals, PSO charity events and other service projects. These opportunities allow the Explorers to interact with the community, while building communication and leadership skills.


Explorer Post 916 is a member of the Florida Association of Police Explorer (or FAPE). FAPE hosts a weekend-long delegates conference quarterly for Explorer Posts to receive training from law enforcement agencies across Florida. Topics can range from active shooters scenarios, building clearing, traffic stops, in-progress calls and more. The conference also allows PSO’s Explorers to meet other Explorers from different agencies.


Each February, the Boy Scouts of America hosts the annual Winterfest competition in Gatlinburg, TN. Explorer Posts from across the U.S. compete in various law enforcement scenarios, including active shooter, traffic stop, fitness course and more. In 2018, Explorer Post 916 earned first place in the Active Shooter training scenario.


Explorer Post 916 hosts an annual appreciation banquet to reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments.  Explorers enjoy dinner with friends, family, PSO members and members of the community, and are recognized for their achievements and hard work. Distinguished Explorers are also recognized for their determination and volunteerism. Honors include years of service, rank promotions and volunteer hours as well as awards for Explorer of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Dedication Award, Meritorious Service Award and Advisor of the Year.